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Documenting Government Secrecy Through Fine Art Photography

Turning top secret organizations and classified locations into fine art inspiration.

Taking photographs of secret government bases sounds complicated enough, but imagine capturing images of hidden places from over 30 miles away. Enter Trevor Paglen, an artist, geographer, and counter-surveillance researcher.

They Watch the Moon, 2010Keyhole Improved Crystal From Glacier Point (Optical Reconnaissance Satellite; USA 186), 2008Nine Reconnaissance Satellites over the Sonora Pass, 2008  Chemical and Biological Weapons Proving Ground/Dugway; UT/Distance approx. 42 miles; 11:17 a.m., 2006 Paglen, shooting with his telescopic camera Unmarked 737 at "Gold Coast" Terminal, Las Vegas, Nevada; Distance ~ 1 mile, 10:44pm, 2007 Four Geostationary Satellites Above the Sierra Nevada, 2007