Drippy, Trippy Illustrations Explore Sexuality and Subcultures

Jose Miguel Mendez's signature aesthetic is brightly hued people in an infrared environment.
November 11, 2016, 2:50pm
All images courtesy the artist

The humorous and bizarre illustrations of Jose Miguel Mendez explore human interaction. The artist pays attention to character development whether it be the brightly-hued melting people in an infrared environment, or wiggling hotdogs in retro sunglasses. These graphics have a well-defined defined color palette and trippy handwritten typography.

Jose Miguel Mendez is a London-based illustrator whose work spans an eclectic range of mediums such as graphic design, lettering, and animation. After a prominent beginning with graffiti and a degree in graphic design, Mendez realized that illustration is what he was looking for. His process starts with researching some themes and giving the narrative bold shapes and floating compositions. “During the process of sketching I think about colors that could go well with the feeling I want to give to the illustration,” Jose Miguel Mendez tells The Creators Project.


Mendez says that he likes to explore sexuality and subcultures. “I have always been fascinated by how people behave when they identify with certain groups,” Mendez adds. In his series Sausage Party Mendez draws edgeless characters interacting with gigantic pieces of meat in his signature vibrant aesthetic.

Click here to see more work of Jose Miguel Mendez.


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