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Abstract Projection Mapping Turns Infrastructure Into Chaos

New media artist Cristpher Cichocki turns trees and pipes into a pulsing projection-mapped "acidic ocean" of color.
July 21, 2014, 5:30pm

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Having transformed everything from everyday surfaces to sporting events into magical spectator experiences for several years now, today's projection mapping artists understand how their light shows interact with the surfaces they're projecting upon. We've seen Japanese robots come to life, and Aztec gods physically manifest themselves, but artist Cristopher Cichocki must find these shapes too representational. Takes these concepts and applying them to the realm of abstract art, in Infrastructural Mapping, his project as the Summit creative collective's Artist-in-Residence at Powder Mountain, Cichocki projects mesmerizing, flashing colors onto a series of simple sculptures made from irrigation pipes and dead trees from the Powder Mountain area.


At first, the lights may seem reminiscent of many a high-end dance floor, but they quickly develop into a frenzied whirlwind of precise movement. At times, the pipes almost look like they're rolling away, as the carefully programmed shapes swirl and rush across them. Red and blue splotches projected onto a pile of intertwined twigs create the illusion of surreal flames—beautiful, and possibly dangerous. Cichocki's attention to detail is responsible for the vivid emotional reactions to each 3D scene.

According to the video's description, these images extrapolate into an even crazier "acidic oceanic imagery." "When viewed with 3-D glasses," Cichocki writes, "these environments transcend into a stunning realm of illusive depth and dimension."

Instead of bringing order to chaos, the coolest thing about Infrastructural Mapping is that Cichocki only brings more chaos. Be wary of gazing too deep into this colorful abyss— you might not ever know if it's gazing also back into you.

To see more of Cichocki's work, let Infrastructral Mapping hypnotize you over to his website and Vimeo page.


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