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Best Of The Rest: A Sea Of Flowers, 1980s Computer Hacking, And Chocolate Resumes

The week was filled with creative gold and we're sharing the goods.
July 25, 2014, 9:45pm

This week, The Creators Project watched Röyksopp and Robyn on the set of "Do It Again," saw Damon Albarn play a concert in front of some androids, and talked to an artist who created a photo narrative within the world of Grand Theft Auto. For everything else here's the best of the rest…

This week we…

…Frolicked in a sea of 4.5 million flowers. [ThisIsColossal]

…Raved on, sans-earplugs, after hearing the news that scientists made a nerve-stimulating device to prevent tinnitus. [Fact]

…Chilled with the beat conducta as Madlib graced the cover of Juxtapose in a feature called "Art and the Alter Ego." [Juxtapose]

…Read a "more engaging copy" of The Ten Commandments. [McSweeney's]

…Imagined Hollywood movie stars as digital vector art. [Illusion]

…Ate our favorite European cities. [Laughing Squid]

…Grabbed one of forty different types of fruit produced by this hybrid tree. [Incredible Things]

…Passed on the Duff Beer in favor of this Simpsons shiraz. [Fubiz]

…Saw the insides of some hyper-realistic creativity. [Tumblr]

…Were tricked by these living sculptures. [Fubiz]

…Knew when we reached our limit with glowing ice cubes that warn drinkers when they've hit their limit. [PSFK]

…Received a delicious, sugar-filled resume. [Fubiz]

…No(se) comment. [Laughing Squid]

…Hacked some computers, 1980s-style. [BoingBoing]

…Balled out with this six-year-old roller skater who glided under 39 SUVs. [Sploid]

What else did we miss this week? Share some creative gold in the comments section below!