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The Walls Have Feelings in Majestic Interactive Room

'La maison sensible' lights up when you pet its walls.

This article was originally published on March 13, 2015 but we think it still rocks!

The walls not only have ears and eyes, but in



Lola and Yukao Meet

's interactive environment

La maison sensible


The sensitive house

), they have feelings. Without user input, the installation stays at rest, "only a slight breathing motion is perceptible." But when its walls are touched, tickled, or talked to, the living room engages the viewer in a dynamic dialogue of light and sound.


To bring La maison sensible to life, the designers lined the walls, furniture, and floor with discrete sensors, filling the space with "delicate, sensible, sensitive, and interactive interfaces." Upon entering, visitors become immersed in the spectacle of thousands of minute video-projected particles that react to even the slightest motions.

Through this collaboration, Scenocosme and Lola and Yukao Meet hope their viewers develop a greater empathy, sensitivity, and appreciation for the spaces around them. In fact, should viewers act disrespectfully towards the room, the room answers back. "If viewers have abrupt responses, the work will freeze in a state of fear or anger," the artists explain. "With overly violent actions, the particles disappear. But if they offer him attention, listening, the installation then reveals delicate and soothing soundscapes."

Check out La maison sensible in action below:

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