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L.I.E.S. Stretches the Limits of Outsider Techno With New LP From Inhalants

Jahiliyya Fields and PATRICIA's collaborative album 'Deep Florida' is out next month.

L.I.E.S. Records has not flagged in its commitment to some of the most experimental techno around. But its forthcoming release by Inhalants—the collaborative project from Matt Morandi (Jahiliyya Fields) and Max Ravitz (PATRICIA.)—is pushing the definition of "outsider techno" even further. Deep Florida is the duo's first LP following their No Hats EP from 2014, and judging by the sampler below, it delights in running circles around the notion of what a techno record should sound like. L.I.E.S. will be putting out the LP next month, but you can stream cuts below to get your brain ready for the onslaught.