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Carl Cox and Jon Rundell Join Forces for New Intec Digital Compilation

'Pure Intec 3' drops this November.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Carl Cox and Jon Rundell will join forces for a collaborative compilation album titled Pure Intec 3.

Set to be released as a two-disc CD set with a digital download, Pure Intec 3 will include tracks from Intec Digital label artists including Nicole Moudaber, Danny Serrano, and Carlo Lio. Cox and Rundell will also be on the compilation. The first disc is Cox's compilation and the second is Rundell's.

Pure Intec 3 drops November 11.

"Pure Intec 3" tracklist (Carl Cox):
1.Saeed Younan – "Drop It"
2.Misstress Barbara – "Don't Tease Me"
3.Matt Sassari & D Unity – "Fired Up"
4.Kasbah Zoo – "Shifted Control"
5.Nicole Moudaber – "One Day Later"
6.Jon Rundell – "Utopia"
7.Harvey Mackay – "Wrong Turn (Gero Jansen Remix)"
8.Sidney Charles – "Justice"
9.Steve Mulder – "Kusesai"
10.Victor Calderone – "Mole"
11.999 feat Amadeas – "Find The Answer (Marco Bailey Remix)"
12.Carlo Lio – "Love Nation"
13.Copy Paste Soul – "CTRL"
14.Josh Wink – "Talking To You (Carl Cox Remix)"
15.Ramiro Lopez – "Revolution Space (feat. Thomas Gandey)"
16.Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink – "Awake"
17.Carl Cox – "Your Light Shines On"

"Pure Intec 3" tracklist (Jon Rundell):
1.Dosem – "The Path"
2.The Junkies – "Revolution"
3.Harvey McKay – "Something Good"
4.Danny Serrano – "Paragraphy"
5.Carlo Lio – "Escobar Season"
6.Carl Cox – "Kommen Zusammen (Joseph Capriati Remix)"
7.Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt – "Kachel"
8.Ian O Donovan – "Gauntlet"
9.Tomy DeClerque – "Restart"
10.DJ Jock – "Raw Love"
11.Fabio Neural & Alex Costa – "Dillinger"
12.Cristian Varela – "Alarm Waves"
13.Jon Rundell – "Mind"
14.Josh Wink – "Talking To You (Jon Rundell Remix)"