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Sander Van Doorn, Julian Jordan, and Firebeatz Wrote the New Canadian National Anthem

It's in the style of "bus house" or "poutinestep."
February 13, 2015, 9:56pm

Sander van Doorn, Julian Jordan and Firebeatz made the most of their time on the bus during their recent Canadian tour. Whereas most DJs would spend their time sleeping or partying, the trio got together and made the track "Rage," a massive, main-stage facing house tune with vibes that might be compared to the current "future house" sound.

"Producing is something we all love to do so naturally we gave it a shot since we were spending so much time together anyway," says Sander. "We really tried to put everyone's own feel to it. I feel like the build-up might be a bit edging towards my style, but it's basically a mashup between all of our different styles.


The track is a stylistic departure for all of the producers involved. "A lot of people call it future house, we just call it house," says Firebeatz. "It has a lot of influences from the sound we heard when we started producing and DJing a long time ago. In our opinion it's not really something totally new but it's a different sound then the last 2,3 years and so people want to give it a new name."

Julian picks up: "It's pretty cool to see Oliver Heldens & Tchami coming up right now. We tried something original and I really don't like to call something a genre so if you guys know a good genre name for the track bring it on." We're thinkin' "Canadian bus house" or "Poutinestep," but are definitely open to suggestions.

The gang also got a lesson in Canadian culture while on the road. "The crowd is different in every city," explains Jules. "But the craziest crowd was in Montreal. We also tried poutine there and I loved it but I felt like I had to do a workout because it's so fat!"

"Whats also funny is the mounties that you guys have here as police officers, they look so cool!" continues Sandfer. "Too bad we didn't get to meet one, though, but I guess you can blame that on another Canadian stereotype: you guys are all so polite!"

Now that we think about it, "O Canada" is getting kinda stale. How about "Rage" for the new Canadian national anthem?

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