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This Dirty Chocolate Rework of The WAYO's "Lay It Down" Won't Have You Laying Down

Canadian indie rock and R&B turned future beats lullaby.
March 25, 2015, 5:25pm

Hot off the release of their (and I quote) "smooth-ass R&B" EP Wanderings, Canadian indie group The WAYO have jumped into the world of electronic remixes. In a new 5-song compilation EP called Wanderflips, The WAYO's mellifluous jams are reworked by producers from around the world, such as Ikaz Boi, Dirty Chocolate, and AudioTreats.

The WAYO's usual twining of folk, indie, R&B, jazz, soul, and funk, is a heavy dose of hypnotic melodies. But thrown into the hands of DJ/producer Dirty Chocolate, their track "Lay It Down" transforms into a future beats lullaby. Impeccable vocals by Charlotte Day Wilson - a former Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp participant - are laid atop a gentle, reverberating strum, while polished high-hats melt the track into the end. You're either nodding to the beat or moving entirely in slow motion - either way, "Lay It Down" won't have you laying down for long.

Listen to Dirty Chocolate's remix of "Lay it Down" above and the entire Wanderings EP by The Wayo here.

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