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Fedde Le Grand’s “Don’t Give Up” Turns Up A Stale Vacation With Your Grandparents

Nothing like a family vacation to trigger festival withdrawals.

Nothing like a family vacation to trigger festival withdrawals.

THUMP and Bud Light have teamed up to create the music video for Fedde Le Grand's stadium shaker "Don't Give Up." The track has been labelled this year's "Sound of Ultra" and has become one of 2014's set essentials for Fedde and the like.

The video follows two girls as they accompany their long retired grandparents to a senior's vacation destination. Fedde's festival anthem is wittily juxtaposed by scenes of the two girls sulking into summertime sadness. As they're forced to wade in the shallow end of the pool, play lackluster bingo games and make an early bedtime, it's clear they need to escape. In true IDGAFOS form, they wait until the old bags are asleep to sneak out and get their party fix―an outdoor set by the legend himself. Even after a night of hair whipping and fist pumping, they manage to make it back by morning, where dear old granny comes to check in on her sleeping 'angels.'


Watch the video above to find out how it all goes down.

The video is directed by Santiago Fabregas.

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