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Go Behind the Scenes of Jamie xx's Captivating "Gosh" Video

Director Romain Gavras is also featured in the short documentary.

By now you've most certainly seen acclaimed Greek-French director Romain Gavras' visually captivating video for English producer Jamie xx's 2015 single "Gosh," so it's a perfect time to go behind the scenes and see what the production process was like. This new 12 minute mini-documentary was shot on location in Tianducheng, China—a town built in the image of Paris, Eiffel Tower included—and in it you get to see rehearsals and live stage directions being issued directly by Gavras.


The stars of the clip are arguably The Xiaolong Martial Arts School Disciples, who play the mass of running, synchronized youth with bleached blonde hair in the original video. While there their personalities are subsumed into their anonymous role as crowd-members, here they're cute kids having fun bleaching their hair and restlessly jumping around, waiting in line for takes to begin.

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