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This Tricked-Out Turntable Makes Analog Techno on Its Own

It looks like a game of Mouse Trap, but sounds like Maya Jane Coles.
November 19, 2015, 5:18pm

A message to all bedroom producers: if you want to make techno like Graham Dunning, you're going to need a whole lot of space. In a video made during his residency at Machines Room, an "idea space" in east London, the UK-based sound artist creates a techno Rube Goldberg Machine — part vinyl and part Frankenstein.

In his blog, Dunning states that the project was looking "at repetition, layering, automata, mechanised art-making, environmental sound and found sound," as well as, "areas of overlap between the sonic and visual, and ways that different processes can be analogised across different media."

In his, appropriately titled, "Mechanical Techno Demonstration" video, Dunning creates a monstrous suped-up record player made with household hardware to recreate those ever so indulgent minimalist techno sounds. The result is a bizarre piece of machinery that looks like a game of Mouse Trap, but sounds like Maya Jane Coles.

Yet, this DIY style of music making might not be for everyone. As one Redditor mentions, "it's not possible for there to be a more hipster type of music than this."

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