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Embark on a Balearic Vacation with Private Agenda's Debut Release 'Déjà Vu'

Hit play, or you'll have to pick up your tickets to paradise at will call.

It's no surprise that the International Feel label first pegged the breathtaking Uruguayan island of Punta Del Este as the home base for their output of airy, Balearic jams. Regarded by many as South America's answer to the White Isle of Ibiza, where the label now resides, the island's vibe meshes well with the imprint's style, as featured in a slew of releases from DJ Harvey, Joakim, Gerd Janson, and most recently-a debut 12" from their newest signees, Private Agenda.


Consisting of a trio of artists named Martin, Sean, and Nick, the group's first release "Déjà Vu" is reminiscent of the production value of such artists as Todd Terje and Prins Thomas, with a sound rooted in early Balearicism, in addition to tones that are gently rested upon ethereal vocal lines and soulful synthesizers.

Uniting their tastes and talents for the first time, the trio's debut release is a warming introduction to a group whose sound will make you dream of a vacation in a warmer place than you probably are reading this from.

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