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Someone Just Bought an Entire Island to Throw Parties On

Dance music is taking over the world, literally.

Dance music is taking over the world, literally. Thanks to festivals like Dimensions, Ultra Europe, Outlook, and others calling it home, Croatia has become our fair planet's newest, hottest destination to throw massive parties. For the last few years people have been calling it the new Ibiza, and rightfully so—it's fucking awesome. The Eastern European nation is chock full of picturesque endless beaches, over a thousand islands, a lot of beautiful people, and currently some of the most drool-worthy events. But now, the crazy shit going down throughout Croatia has reached new levels, as UK-based promoter Sound Channel—known for creating Unknown Festival in Rovinj, Croatia—has reportedly acquired the Croatian island of Obonjan in the Adriatic Sea. The promotion group's new acquisition won't be for plotting world takeovers a la Dr. No, but instead, the plan to turn it into the world's first curated tourist destination.


In cahoots with Croatian production company Gratiosus, who will help operate the party island, the team plans on hosting a plethora of music fests and other entertainment starting in the summer, 2016, focusing on maintaining an eco-friendly vibe.

After two successful years, the status of Unknown Festival in 2015 is still up in the air, but if the Sound Channel delivers on the promise of their new party island, it should be worth the wait until next summer.

There is no word yet on relocation of the island's population of indigenous pheasants.

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