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​Anti-Rape Business Cards Are Being Handed out at Festivals

Handsy creepers beware.
Photo via Instagram

A group named C.A.R.E.Squad, the acronym standing for "Compassionate and Respectful Engagement Squad," has been undertaking projects with the aim of "facilitating safe and respectful interactions in social and nightlife settings" since 2013.

Last week at The Do LaB's Woogie Weekend outside of Los Angeles, images surfaced of their current campaign, a card that, on the backside, lays out rules on consent, while on the front side, gently lets down handsy creepers with a message that begins: "Consent is sexy. Please leave me alone."

As evidenced by the media frenzy surrounding that infamous douchebag in the "Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat" shirt at Coachella this year, consent and sexual harassment, particularly in festival culture, are topics of conversation still very much still in session.

As uncomfortable as it may be to give or receive one of these on the dancefloor, statements like these may progress the cultural conversation from "anti-rape" to "pro-consent."

C.A.R.E.Squad is on Facebook.