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Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub Will Host a Permanent Memorial for Shooting Victims

The venue owner put the plan in writing earlier this month.
Photo via Flickr user governordanmalloy

One month after the June 12 mass shooting at Orlando's Pulse Nightclub claimed the lives of 49 people and injured more than 50 others, plans for a permanent onsite memorial are making progress.

Local publication Orlando Sentinel reports that on July 7, venue owner Barbara Pomo formed a new, not-for-profit corporation, OnePulse Foundation. Its articles of incorporation (the document establishing a corporation's existence) states that its purpose will include "conceiving, funding and aiding in the construction of a permanent memorial on the existing Pulse site." According to the article, OnePulse also stated that it "has the power to sell property, and to raise money, and a goal of assisting victims of the attack."


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Plans for the onsite memorial were put into place just two days after the attack. Pomo told NBC News that the club would eventually open, and then told the Sentinel in a statement, "Anything we would ever do would include a memorial. We are still working through our grief."

Since then, the outpour of support for Pulse has been massive. Clubs all over the country threw benefit parties to raise funds for the victims and staff, and EDC conducted a moment of silence at the peak of its Las Vegas flagship festival. An effort was also made to find its resident DJs work at other venues in the wake of its ongoing closure; last month; their resident DJs headlined THUMP's Pride Closing Party and also discussed what the club meant to them.

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