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Tank Top Wearing Tim Duncan Saves Hammered Aron Baynes from Himself

Tim Duncan was in a tank top telling his drunken teammate to "shut the fuck up" after a night of drinking their sorrows away.

This is just wonderful. After losing to the Los Angeles Clippers in a tremendous Game 7 on Saturday night, the Spurs went out in LA to drink their bummers away. It looks like they did a pretty good job of it, too, and Aron Baynes may have done the best out of all of them. TMZ caught up with several Spurs, including Boris Diaw and Tony Parker, but this video gets really good when they come upon Tim Duncan ushering Aron Bynes, who sounds more like Chewbacca than an actual human capable of nuanced language, past the cameras and into the team bus.

The photogs approached the two and you can hear Duncan tell Baynes "shut the fuck up, man," but if someone compliments you when you're that hammered you gotta at least garble out "thanks, man."