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Jesper the Skiing Cat? Sure, Why the Hell Not.

Skiing is sports.
February 15, 2016, 10:40pm

I won't lie to you, dear reader: it's bleak out there in the sports world come mid-February. Our choices are basically Louis Anderson tricking everyone into thinking he spent Valentine's Day with Johnny Manziel, and Jesper the Norwegian skiing cat. It's a holiday here in the States—Happy Elected Officials Constitutionally Directed to Nominate Federal Judges Day, everyone!—so we are going to talk about Jesper. Technically, his name is Jesperpus, but everyone just calls him Jesper for short.

From what I can gather, Jesper is not actually a cat that skis, but Jesper is heavily involved in the skiing scene. He's out there on the slopes, either hitching a ride on his owner's shoulder, or safely tucked away in a backpack. If his owner is feeling particularly lazy, she will make Jesper tow her around. He seems to enjoy it, but I'm not a cat expert, so I don't feel comfortable making that call.


Jesper has literally thousands of followers on Facebook, and he's quite the card.

Jesper looks like a pretty good cat, I guess. If you like cats. And skiing. I don't like either, actually, so I kind of hate Jesper? But I also respect the hell out of him. Look out how fed up he gets with pulling his owner around like some common sled dog. He just stops in the middle of the snow, plops his ass down, and makes his owner pick him up.

Such a power cat move.

h/t Eva Holland