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Jake Peavy Caught a Baseball he Had No Idea Was Thrown to Him

Buster Posey threw a baseball right into Jake Peavy's glove while the pitcher wasn't even looking.
July 11, 2016, 5:40pm

In the fourth inning on Saturday against the Arizona Diamondbacks, battery mates Buster Posey and Jake Peavy had a little miscommunication that could have ended poorly, but wound up proving that Posey is probably pretty good at cornhole (and baseball, too, I guess). Peavy was pissed he went down to a 3-0 count to Diamondbacks third baseman Jake Lamb, and wanted a called strike from third base ump Quinn Wolcott. The call was not forthcoming, but the ball from Posey was.


Both Posey and Peavy looked to third initially, and then Peavy briefly looked back home, which is when Posey threw the ball. Peavy then looked back to third, to continue to argue for the strike and the ball floated closer and closer to him, disaster looming, before finally landing safely in his glove pressed against his chest. Lamb was very concerned about the situation, but Peavy was still hot. Even after he noticed he caught a ball he had no idea was thrown to him, he gave Posey a little wtf, man? double take and then immediately looked back at Wolcott at third.

Peavy left the game in the next inning, but the Giants won 4-2.

h/t Deadspin