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Here's Stephen A. Smith Playing a "Surveillance Expert" on a Soap Opera

Stephen A. Smith will be on general hospital playing a mobster's audio guy.

Stephen A. Smith is an admitted fan of the daytime soap opera General Hospital and, dream of dreams, managed to get himself on the show in a scene with none other than Sonny the Mobster. Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny, joined Smith on First Take, and noticed that Smith was a big fan of the show. Nice guy that he is, Benard worked to get Smith a guest spot.

A few months later, Stephen A. was on set playing "Brick," a surveillance expert working in cahoots with Sonny. It's tough to get a read on what exactly these two are plotting in this 30 second clip, but it seems like Sonny and Brick are angling to eavesdrop on a district attorney. They definitely not yelling at each other about Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson.


A transcript, slightly annotated:

Brick: [looking at his phone] Damn, they lost! I didn't see that happening. Just some self deprecating humor for a bad sports pundit.

Sonny: Brick! How ya doin? Thanks for doing this. Brick may have given himself whiplash reacting to Sonny.

Brick: You're a preferred client. I'm always happy when I get your call. The way he emphasizes "your call" is curious. Curious, indeed.

Sonny: So the office is all taken care of?

Brick: Wired for sound, ready to go. You'll hear every single word he says. Just need access to his cell. Brick is living up to the "Surveillance expert" moniker.

Sonny: K, my source inside the courthouse got a hold of [unintelligible] schedule from his assistant, he's on his way here, how do you want to handle that? Oh, Sonny's got sources!

Brick: I'll go in now, you don't know me, just try to separate the DA from his phone.

Sonny: OK. OK.

Brick: Alright. Alright.