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San Francisco Giants Recreate Full House Intro

You got it dude.

The San Francisco Giants recreated the theme song and intro montage from "Full House" in a video released on Friday to promote the team's tribute to the show that will take place on September 30th.

Whatever happened to predictability, the #Duffman, the paperboy & evening TV.It's here, #FullHouse
— San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants) August 14, 2015

The Giants show remarkable attention to detail in replicating the original version in everything from shot selection to casting to the subtle actions of each character.


A wide aerial title shot opens to our characters running on the grass, which is nearly identical to the opening sequence of the show. Shortstop Brandon Crawford is introduced in the role of Uncle Jesse, a truly inspired casting choice and one that is only enhanced by Crawford's white blazer, guitar, and cool, Uncle Jesse-style smile-and-lean-back move. Outfielder Hunter Pence is then seen polishing his scooter, mimicking Danny Tanner polishing his car.

A case could be made that manager Bruce Bochy should be Tanner, since he's the leader of the club. But Pence has long been thought of as a spiritual leader of the Giants and so is a more appropriate choice to play Tanner.

Next is third baseman Matt Duffy as Joey, probably the only flaw in the video. Tim Lincecum might have been a better fit for this role. However, Duffy's Joey-style jacket with the "World Series Champions" patch makes up for some of Lincecum's absence. The role of D.J. is given to both Jeremy Affeldt and Bochy, which might seem lazily redundant if they weren't both seen placing a framed picture of the other and looking up with uncomfortably genuine smiles.

Pitcher Javier Lopez steals the show as Stephanie. He perfectly replicates her frisbee toss and weird reaction afterward (Lopez presumably spent a while studying that move).

#FullClubhouse starring Javier Lopez#SFGiants
— San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants) August 14, 2015

And finally, second baseman Joe Panik is a solid Michelle. Curiously, no one takes on the role of Rebecca.