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15-Year-Old Sydney Skater Noah Nayef Is Down to Compete in the Olympics

Kids these days. The Bankstown local has his eye on the prize.
Daniel Goode

This article is supported by Nike SB, who are launching their new film 'Cumberland County' on May 6 at Martin Place Amphitheatre, 5pm.__ Ahead of its release, Dan Bicker—co-founder of U.P.S. Skate Shop—interviewed three generations of Sydney skaters to find out about the resurgence of the city's scene

At only 15 years old, Noah Nayef is at the forefront of Sydney's new generation of skateboarders. With a consistent range of tricks and a style that is well beyond his years, he's one to watch.


Hailing from Sydney's western suburbs, Noah has been working on his debut Nike SB clip as well as competing in Australia and all across the United States.

We met up with Noah at Waterloo Skate Park to chat about growing up in West Sydney and what it would mean to compete in the Olympics.

VICE Sports: How long have you been skating for?
Noah Nayef: Around six to seven years now.

What got you into it?
My cousin was rolling around on a board and I tried it and eventually it turned into something I really wanted to do.

What part of Sydney are you from?
I'm from Bankstown, which is in Western Sydney.

Is there much of a skate scene out there?
There isn't much of a skate scene where I grew up around Bass Hill but there's heaps of new parks now, so I'm sure it will start growing in the community. Most of the old parks were usually empty though, so it was just me and my cousin there most of the time when I was younger.

So you probably spend most of your time coming into the city to skate?
Yep, most weekends I'd end up meeting my friends at Martin Place or Waterloo to skate around the city.

What do you think sets the Sydney skate scene apart from other cities?
There are a lot of good untouched spots and everyone knows each other. I can go to Waterloo or Chifley by myself and someone I know will always be there to go skating with.

What are your favourite spots in Sydney?
Chifley and Cannonball are fun spots and they are super close to each other. UNSW (University of New South Wales) is probably my favourite as there's loads of good stuff to skate in there.


Which Sydney skaters do you look up to?
It's hard to say, there are a lot of really good skaters and people who are killing it in Sydney. I pretty much look up to the people I skate with to get me psyched.

What's involved in an average day skating?
I normally wake up try to have a good breakfast and listen to music. Then if I want to film something I'll meet up with Brendan (Nike SB's filmer), go warm up, and then head to the spot. If I'm just skating and don't have any tricks planned I'll head to into the city and skate around with mates. Either way it's always a good time and nothing super serious, we just have good time and skate.

Do you have spots in mind when you're going out to film?
Brendan's always showing me spots and I go filming with my friend Joel as well. They have a pretty good idea of what I like to skate so if I don't have anything in mind they always have somewhere for me to go.

How has it been filming for the new Nike SB Sydney 'Cumberland County' clip?
It's been fun meeting all the dudes who I didn't know already and going out and skating together and trying to get clips. It's been hard work at times, as I only like to put out my best footage, but overall a really good experience.

Is this your first clip for Nike SB?
Yep, this is my first video part for Nike SB and the biggest thing I've worked on before so I'm really trying to do my best.

What's do you have planned for the rest of the year?
I'm travelling to some of the Damn Ams later in the year so I'll be heading out to LA (Woodward West), New York, and also to Canada for a Boardr Am. We are also working on another Nike SB video, which is coming out next year so I'm keen to get on some filming missions for that.


What's your favourite competition you've skated in?
Definitely the Tampa Am. It's such a sick vibe and was awesome to be there and for such a big comp, although it doesn't feel like it.

The level of skating at the Tampa Am is pretty high. What do you do to prepare yourself for a comp like that?
I just like to listen to music and relax or whatever because skating at a Tampa Am is crazy. I try to focus on having a good time and a laugh.

What do you think of skateboarding in the Olympics?
I think it's a little weird just because the sport is so new to the Olympics. It's hard to say how it will go, but I'm down to compete in it and try and get there.

Photography: Daniel Goode

This article is supported by Nike SB