At Last, Listen to Sean Leon's 20-Track Epic 'I Think You've Gone Mad'

The first part of the Black Sheep Nirvana trilogy.
February 5, 2017, 3:41pm

After years of buildup and an accompanying short film, Toronto's Sean Leon has dropped his album  I Think You've Gone Mad (now with the alternate title Sins of the Father) on the appropriately rock and roll platform of Bandcamp. It's a sprawling 20-track project that collects much of Leon's Soundcloud loosies along with lots of new music.

Featuring bludgeoning production courtesy of Toronto's best and brightest like WondaGurl, Eestbound, and Bijan Amir, along with guest spots from Daniel Caesar, the late Redway, and many more on vocals, this album is one of the most GTA rap releases you're likely to hear this year. Crazier still is that this only part one of the planned Black Sheep Nirvana trilogy. Listen to I Think You've Gone Mad in its entirety below.

Phil Witmer is a Noisey staff writer. He's on Twitter.