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Experiencing Iconic Structures From Many Different Angles Simultaneously

Thomas Kellner travelled the world to photographically dismantle these iconic structures.
January 23, 2013, 7:01pm

While these images might appear distorted, you likely recognize most of their subjects behind a thin, disorienting veil. In his series Kontaktbogenbilder, German photographer Thomas Kellner envisions famous landmarks from all over the world through a distorted lens, sectionally rearranging the angle of the photos, each of which is like a large pixel within the composition. The effect is like seeing the object from several perspectives at once, allowing the recognition of these iconic structures to register before realizing the distortion before your eyes.


Kellner’s works are on display at Kunstverein in Bad Nauheim, Germany until February 17th.

See some of the series below…

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Colosseum, Rome

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo

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