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Incredibox Puts Human Faces On The Music Sequencer

Make some beats with this human beatbox.
April 10, 2012, 4:32pm

With most music sequencers you’re faced with a selection of abstract shapes that, unless you’re well versed in the software, can be a bit of a visual minefield to negotiate. But with Incredibox you get to stare at some human faces, albeit cartoon ones.

The interface you command is made up of the same character in different guises, each one representing a different effect, beat, melody, chorus, or voice. It works on a drag and drop principle—you start by dragging an icon from the bottom onto a character and that’s it, you’re away.

OK, so this might not be something the professionals (or well-adapted amateurs) amongst us will be using to create their new tracks, but for the rest of us, and for those in their kindergarten years, it’s a fun and simple way to pass time and compose music.

The creation is by French design studio So Far So Good and musician Incredible Polo. It’s initial release was back in 2009, but it’s now new and improved with this, their 2.0. So get to it.

[via Motionographer]