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MAX CAPACITY Dwells In The Videodrome

American pixel artist MAX CAPACITY spends most of his days rewinding forgotten videotapes.

Not so long ago, last summer to be precise, we featured MAX CAPACITY in an illustrated selection of the best 8-bit inspired pixel artists. Already at the time, the American artist stood out from the lot because of his instinctive and primal approach to digital material. Many of his GIFs and videos, whether commissioned or simply personal, feature samples from VHS tapes and typical 80s iconography. MAX CAPACITY grinds them into a patchwork of colorful and lo-fi pixels, reminiscent of early 1990s net art and Zahid Jiwa videos.


Much like his brethren who populate this semi-anonymous artistic scene, MAX CAPACITY is a devoted internet user. His visuals can be found on Flickr, and he has over 270 videos (and counting…) on Youtube and Vimeo pages. Mostly, these videos consist of 15 second loops in bright, neon and acidic hues, grainy and pixelated but gorgeous as hell.

Toxic Super Freakout

He also maintains a loosely organized clutter on Tumblr. Beyond this chaotic work-in-progress, MAX CAPACITY has recently dabbled in some musical projects, most notably on a music video for Al Jieh of the SWTBRDS collective. In the meantime, check out some of his excellent GIFs in the slideshow above.