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A Tale Of Oil Addiction Told Using Animated Digital Maps

Patrick Jean’s Motorville uses OpenStreetMaps to bring a city to life.
March 28, 2013, 1:16pm

Back in 2010 animator Patrick Jean wowed the internet with his short film Pixels, featuring pixels invading New York. Donkey Kong clambered up the Empire State Building and space invaders shot up Manhattan as the city succumbed to the power of 8-bit. The video was clever, fun, and skilfully executed. He was also involved with the video for Boys Noize’s “ICH R U,” an impressive stop-motion film made using computer keyboard keys.

His latest video is Motorville, a collaboration with sound designer David Kamp, and it’s another innovative piece. This time he uses the virtual maps of OpenStreetMaps to tell a story about our dependence on oil and its environmental consequences.

By creating a being made from maps to relate the story, the message is told in an engaging and fun way that never feels preachy. So we get a well-crafted, concise, and conscientious allegorical tale that highlights our collective addiction to this black gold.

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