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Lady Gaga is Back: Listen to “Perfect Illusion”, Her First Track in Two Years

But is it any good, though?

Mother monster is back! Where from, I’m not quite sure – she didn’t die and come to life or anything – but she wasn’t releasing music, and now she is, hence why people are calling it Gaga’s “comeback”. Her comeback track is called “Perfect Illusion” which is perhaps the campest, most Gaga-ish name for a song this side of “Born this Way”, and it was co-produced by herself, Mark Ronson, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and Bloodpop (the latter of which has produced music for Madonna, Bieber and Grimes).


Is it any good, though? If you were already into Gaga then yes I suppose it is. There are lots of belting choruses that might sound good if you scream them at yourself in the mirror, and in the last twenty seconds there’s a space where you’re supposed to clap along. It ain't no “Telephone” or “Paparazzi” that's for sure, but y'know, David Bowie released some really weird songs in the late-90s and nobody holds that against him. On a side note: Lady Gaga wrote this track on a typewriter, so there's that.

Listen below: