Dee Snider Pays Tribute to Standing Rock's Water Protectors in a Haunting New Video

Watch the powerful new video for "So What," a track taken off Snider's new solo album 'We are The Ones.'
December 6, 2016, 5:50pm
Photo by Tyler Curtis

Dee Snider is a man who always—alwaysspeaks his mind, and recently, he's been raising that famous voice in support of the Native American water protectors and their allies at Standing Rock. Alongside many, many other artists (over 290 of which have signed this open letter to Obama), Snider has been vocal in his support of the #NODAPL cause, and his new video for the somber ballad "So What" is a stark, black and white "docu-rock" clip that pays tribute to the sights and faces of Standing Rock.

While the Army Corps of Engineers has denied the Energy Transfer Partners' proposed route for the Dakota Access Pipeline—a route which would run under a sacred Native American burial ground and put the community's water source at severe risk were the pipe to break—the company is still seeking an "alternate route." In other words, it's not over yet, and Standing Rock's water protectors may still have a long, arduous fight ahead of them. As it stands, they're still in danger of abuse from local law enforcement, who have recently taken to employing violent measures—tear gas, rubber bullets and water hoses—against the demonstrators.

As Snider told Noisey, "The level of human rights abuse going on at Standing Rock at the hands of state and local authorities, and the private security hired by the oil companies is simply mind numbing. And their suppression of the media has taken First Amendment violating to a whole new level. I started fighting censorship over 30 years ago, and sadly I'm still fighting."

Watch our exclusive premiere of the "so What" video below, and if you can, donate to Standing Rock's Sacred Stone camp here. Dee Snider's latest album, We Are the Ones, is out now on Red River Records (distributed by BFD/RED).

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