A Year of Lil Wayne: "My House" Featuring Curren$y

Here's a hidden Curren$y banger for your Saturday.
December 3, 2016, 8:25pm

Day 75: "My House" feat. Curren$y –  Da Drought Is Over 3 , 2007

I stumbled across this song the other day writing about "Pray to the Lord," as this is also on The Empire leak compilation Da Drought Is Over 3, and, since it falls in my semi-formal tradition of posting Wayne and Curren$y collabs on Saturdays, why not write about it? This is a rogue extremely hype Curren$y song, in the vein of "Where Da Cash At." Inexplicably, considering how hard it is to find any information about this song, there are two versions online, one of which is more explicitly a Curren$y song and paints a great picture of Curren$y and Lil Wayne hanging out at a "high rise in Texas." But the mixtape version is more appropriate for a Saturday because we can instead imagine Curren$y and Mack Maine hanging out: "she just wanna come over watch me and Maine play video games / while she chillin' on the sofa / readin on the magazine sippin' on champagne / long as you respect the crib you can do anything." Video games with Mack Maine? Reading magazines and drinking champagne? Listening to Lil Wayne have loud sex because, as he says, his neighbors moved out? Sure, what better ways to spend a Saturday! And for real, this song is a hidden Wayne turn up moment, sure to be a hit at your Saturday social gatherings.

Image: Close up of Da Drought Is Over 3 cover via Datpiff

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