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Wormrot Returns to Grind Blockheads and Posers into Dust on 'Voices'

Stream the punishing new album from Singapore's premier grind squad.

​​​They're back! After what felt like an intolerably long hiatus, one of the most promising new grindcore bands of the new millennium, Wormrot, is finally poised to release their third full-length since 2011's Dirge. Entitled Voices, the album tackles the same themes of frustration, societal hypocrisy, and rebellion that characterized their earlier recordings (targeting "blockheads" in particular on the first track). Musically, it's more of the (very welcome) same— Napalm Death- and Insect Warfare-worshipping razor-sharp riffs, punchy drumming, snotty screeches, massive breakdowns, and all.


Voices will darken your day, wreck your neck, and leave you howling for more. The album hatred surges by in what feels like an instant, insistently calling for repeated listens (and maybe some aspirin). It's an unquestionably strong showing that builds on Dirge's breakneck speed and cannonball grooves without feeling stale. Voices also marks the band's first release with new drummer Vijesh, who joins the two founding members, vocalist Arif and guitarist Rasyid. The long-for-them closing rack, "Outworn," is a surprise, its darker, slower pace, defiant melodies, and cathartic, strangled shouts bringing to mind visions of Downfall of Gaia or Cloud Rat. I didn't think it was possible for Wormrot to get better than they already were—until I heard Voices.

The album drops October 14 via Earache Records​ (who are apparently trying to #makeearachegrindagain, hashtag and all— fitting, if poorly-timed, given that the United States is teetering on the cusp of an orange apocalypse fueled by hollow promises to make us "great" again. Speaking of blockheads…).

Rise and grind below!

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