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Trash Can Omelette

A lot of times this column is easy to write. I go someplace, take a bunch of pictures, come home, make fun of the pictures, and then I'm done.

A lot of times this column is easy to write. I go someplace, take a bunch of pictures, come home, make fun of the pictures, and then I'm done. But sometimes I go places, take pictures, come home, and realize that I don't have enough pictures to make fun of (to fulfill my minimum word count.) When that happens I usually shelve the photos and hopefully return to them later. What follows is a few separate outings crammed into one blog. Kind of like a trash can omelette, if you know what that is.


First Outing:
Some of my friends recently opened a new art space in Austin called [HI5H]( ) (High 5.) I missed their inaugural show, but I made it out to their second opening, which was titled "Left Hanging."

A photo of my buddy Josh Row taking a photo of the list of participating artists.

This show consisted of 21 pieces (one by each participating artist.) All of the pieces were the same size and were for sale via silent auction. Minimum bid: $25, maximum bid: $75. All proceeds went towards future programming for the new space. Affordable and approachable.

"It's not an action, it's a reaction," by Tony Diaz. 2012, Screenprint on panel, 16" x 16".

The DJ was killing it. Or was he blowing it? (Fan joke.)

The gallery produced zines that served as the catalog for the show and were available for just a few bucks. Lone Stars were available for way less than that (free). I love seeing spaces like HI5H popup in Austin that keep the DIY spirit alive. I know that the phrase DIY is utterly and completely bastardized at this point, but until somebody comes up with a new phrase that encompasses the ethos of people not waiting around for things to happen then I'm going to keep using it. And if you don't like it, then GFY.

Second Outing:
In other Austin new art space news, Tiny Park Gallery ([read more here]( )) recently moved out of their domestic setting and into a commercial space.

Their first opening was titled "Greatest Hits" and featured work by each of the artists who had previously exhibited work in Tiny Park's home-based gallery. The new space looks great. Plenty of natural light, nice white walls, noticeable lack of annoyed duplex neighbors.


"Southern Pacific" by Nick Brown. 2011, Oil on canvas, 36" x 60".

I'm excited to see Tiny Park's programming schedule develop and I'm really glad they made the jump from their house to a proper gallery setting. Nothing wrong with the house-gallery scenario, but there's something exciting about seeing people jumping in with both feet (signing a commercial lease) and seeing what happens. Good luck, guys. I'm rooting for you.

Third Outing:
A few days ago I went to Houston, Texas, to visit South Shore Distribution, the master distributor for my skateboard brand, [Roger]( ).

Lots of weed and cobras down there. Literally tens of them.

And turdloads upon turdloads of stickers packs.

South Shore also distributes numerous other brands, including Santa Cruz. I think it's kind of weird (and awesome) that I can go into a skate shop right now and purchase the exact same deck that I bought when I first started skating 24 years ago. Dear nostalgic old dudes, thanks for creating that market.

Or I could buy the Homer Simpson version. The purist in me wants to hate this, but the Simpsons fan in me thinks it's pretty awesome. We'll agree to disagree. Until I buy one.

My favorite board ever for a myriad of reasons. Again, it's totally weird that I could just walk into a shop and buy thing thing 23 years after the fact. I kind of wish it only existed in my memories though because the shape is kind of wonky in retrospect.


And speaking of wonky in retrospect… I still love it. Probably because I never had one.

And as a skate company owner I know it's probably stupid to praise your competitors, but gosh darn it… flawless. Not surprising given their track record. (FYI, there's eight additional graphics in this series.)

I thought I'd use this trashcan omelette occasion to include a few other random photos that have been kicking around. Including this Barry McGee style Kleenex box. I've been holding onto this thing for months trying to figure out a way to make a joke about it. I give up.

Or how about the fact that dishwashing detergent companies finally jumped on the "limited edition" bandwagon. About time. We all know what comes next. "Featured Artist Series." Hey Method, hit me up. I'm down. And… we all know where it goes from there. Collab. Method/Roger has a nice ring to it, yeah?

I saw this thing attached to a street lamp in my neighborhood last week and wanted to ask Alex Jones about it, but then I remembered my personal conspiracy theory about Alex Jones. Nobody can be trusted. But for real, does anybody know what this thing is? Looks creepy as hell.

And I thought I'd conclude with a sunset photo I shot a few weeks ago. Why? Because sometimes my Dad reads this column and he loves shit like this. Hi Dad!

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