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Being Old in Romania Can Be a Lot of Fun

I decided to take a series of photos to demonstrate that age really isn't an issue. You can cycle, solve Rubix cubes, and make obscene, sexual gestures with your mouth and fingers.
March 29, 2013, 12:00pm

My friend was harping on at me the other day about how much it's going to suck when we reach old age. "Can you imagine having to set aside 15 minutes every time you want to cross the road, or constantly have to deal with shitting yourself in public?" she asked.

I got what she meant, kind of, but she's clearly been watching too many movies about old people that rely exclusively on tired cliches and stereotypical situations that don't have any base in fact. My grandparents, their friends, and my great-aunts and uncles don't tick any of those boxes, but are all perfectly capable of joking, at their own expense, about the topic of growing old.


I decided to take a series of photos to demonstrate that age really isn't an issue, and that you can happily ride a pink bicycle in your pants or make inappropriate hand gestures, all the way into your retirement.

Davies (74) has remained active throughout his entire life and still loves to cycle as much as possible. When I asked him why he wears those snowboard goggles instead of normal sunglasses, he replied, "If I crash my bike, these glasses won't fall off my head."    

Elena (68) is always showing her love of metal. Figuratively, because she enjoys the music and raves about it to anyone who will listen, and literally, because the rheumatism in her left hand means her fingers are eternally stuck in the sign of the horns.   

Ileana (65) has worn this mask in front of the mirror countless times, rehearsing for when she has to entertain her grandson.

John (78) told me a story from her youth: "When I was a kid, I was determined to rob a shop, for some reason. So, one day, I sneaked in before the owner got there, with a sock pulled over my face, but I didn't steal anything and ended up just going home empty-handed."  

Jenel (83) playing with a couple of his Rubix cubes. He says that he's completed them many times, but he carries on trying to solve them anyway because it's relaxing.

Lia (96) is always outside, working away on her garden, which is why she chooses to wear this huge, elaborate hat, because it keeps her sheltered from the sun.

Otilia (85) says that this plasma lamp is her favourite toy. She keeps it on all the time and gives it as much attention as she can. One time, because she was concentrating on it so hard, she didn't notice that a fire had started in her kitchen. Don't worry; her kitchen is fine now.

Doina (73) hasn't been interested in too many men throughout her life, or too many women for that matter, but she says there is always someone who catches the corner of her eye.

Calin (65) was in the wrong place at the wrong time, got into an accident and woke up with a neck brace. You don't usually see people wearing a neck brace while running around, firing water-pistols, but he didn't seem to care too much about it.

Maria (73) and Steliana (77) play cards almost every night for whatever cash, coins, or trinkets they have lying around the house. They take their games incredibly serious, so both wear these masks to stop the other from being able to read their face.

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