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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, at least one person has died and 36 have been injured after a car ran down pedestrians in Las Vegas, Spain faces political uncertainty after Sunday's elections, Star Wars claims the biggest box office opening weekend ever, and more.

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

One Dead, Dozens Injured After Las Vegas Driver Hits Crowd
One person was killed and 26 others injured when a driver plowed into a crowded sidewalk on the Vegas Strip. The female driver was detained and is being tested for drugs and alcohol, but police said it was "an intentional act" and homicide is investigating. —NBC News

Trump Says Clinton 'Lies Like Crazy'
Donald Trump has responded to Hillary Clinton's accusation that he is "becoming ISIS's best recruiter", which she said during the Democratic presidential debate. "It's just another Hillary lie," said the Republican frontrunner. "She lies like crazy about everything." — CNN Lobbyists Create $1 Billion Tax Loophole
Hotel and gambling industries will be able to avoid paying $1 billion in taxes, due to an amendment to a tax and spending bill, which was made after the efforts of industry lobbyists. A spokeswoman for Senator Harry Reid, of Nevada, said it was important "to help the large employers" in his state. — The New York Times


Threats Cause More Schools to Close
Schools in the New Hampshire city of Nashua will be closed today after police said they had received a "detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff". It follows the closure of Los Angeles schools last Tuesday because of an email threat. — [USA Today ](

A Spanish voter says "yes" for anti-austerity party Podemos at Sunday's election. Photo by Felipe Hernández and Davit Ruiz

International News

Political Uncertainty in Spain After Vote Splinters
Spain's governing conservative party has lost its majority after the country's election on Sunday, and the vote has been split between four parties. The left-wing, anti-austerity movement Podemos, born in the aftermath of the financial crisis, received more than 20 percent of the vote. The parties will now negotiate to form a coalition. — BBC News

Taliban Takes Control of Helmand District
Taliban fighters have overrun a key district in Afghanistan's Helmand province. The deputy governor of Helmand took the unusual step of using Facebook to warn President Ashra f Ghani that Taliban fighters have taken control of the Sangin district. — AP

Protests Erupt in Turkey
Police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds protesting against Turkey's military campaign against the Kurds in the country's southeast. Security sources say an operation resulted in the death of 110 Kurdish militants. — VICE News Major Landslide in China
Hundreds of rescue workers are looking for survivors after a huge landslide of mud and construction waste hit more than 30 buildings in the city of Shenzhen. About 900 people were evacuated the industrial park, but 91 people are still missing. — Reuters


Everything Else

Star Wars: Biggest Weekend Opening Ever
Star Wars: The Force Awakens has claimed the biggest opening box office weekend of all time, grossing $238 million in North America alone—and raking in $517 million worldwide. — The Hollywood Reporter

Sepp Blatter Barred From Soccer
Soccer's governing body FIFA has barred its former boss Sepp Blatter and his ally Michel Platini from the sport for eight years. They were found guilty of ethics violations. — The Guardian Epic Misstep at Miss Universe
The host of the pageant, Steve Harvey, has been forced to apologize after fluffing the big crowning, announcing that Miss Colombia had won when she had actually come second to Miss Philippines. "I feel terrible," Harvey later tweeted. —TIME

Pornstar Shares Your Pervy Instagram DMs
Be warned: if you DM pornstar Summer Brielle with dumb, filthy nonsense, she will probably share it with the world. And shame your bad spelling and grammar. — VICE

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