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Snoop Dogg Is Really Mad Canadian Cops Hassled Him About Weed

"Y'all need to raise up off me Canada."
Snoop in a less heated moment. Photo via Flickr user Bob Bekian

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Snoop Dogg called out both the Canada Border Services Agency and Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in a brief but pointed Instagram post this week, in which he asked why the fuck he was getting hassled at the border—presumably over weed—when Vancouver is full of people openly using heroin.

Snoop was in Vancouver to play a DJ set at Fortune Sound Club in the Downtown Eastside Sunday night. It seems he took a drive through some back alleys in the area, which are a notorious hotspot for intravenous drug users.


In a video taken during the drive and uploaded to his Instagram, Snoop says, "I can't believe these motherfuckers be sweating us at the fucking border, and they got an alley where they pass out needles for people to do heroin in." (Insite, North America's first safe injection site for heroin users, is located in the neighborhood.)

He then continues ranting.

"Y'all need to raise up off me Canada, y'all need to just walk me through and stop taking me back into that fucking customs office. Clean this shit up out here!"

He also tells custom agents they "ain't shit."

"Y'all sweating me at the border, and y'all got an alley full of motherfuckers that y'all let do drugs."

While he's clearly ignorant of the proven benefits behind harm reduction, it's understandable that he'd be pissed about repeatedly getting hassled over a substance most people agree should be legal.

Snoop has a history of issues while crossing borders. He was arrested for possession at a Texas checkpoint in 2012 when a sniffer dog reportedly found chronic on his tour bus. He was also banned from the UK in 2006 when he got pissed because members of his crew were refused first class entry on a British Airways flight and was stopped by customs in Italy last summer because he was carrying $400,000 USD cash on him, the same week he had issues in Sweden due to suspicion of drug use.

But clearly, he doesn't give a fuck because he ended up getting high at the Vancouver show Sunday night, as did everyone around him.

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