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The Denver Cops Who Shot and Killed 17-Year-Old Jessie Hernandez Will Not Face Charges

The teenager was going for a joyride with her friends when she was shot and killed this past January.

The local police officers who shot and killed teenager Jessie Hernandez in January will not face any charges, the Denver District Attorney announced Friday. The 17-year-old and her friends had been taking a stolen Honda Civic for a 6:30 AM joyride when police fired several rounds, hitting her three times, the Denver Post reports.

A key point of contention in the case is whether Hernandez's vehicle struck one of the officers—whose leg was broken during the incident—before or after the shooting started.

The DA's inquiry apparently corroborated the accounts of Officers Gabriel Jordan and Daniel Greene that the car was moving forward when they opened fire, suggesting they were in imminent danger. However, attorneys for the family have said that the autopsy report proves that bullets were fired into the door, contradicting the claim that Hernandez was driving toward the officers and trying to run them over.

One of the other four teenager passengers remembers yelling as her friend's body was removed from the Civic by police. The death of such a young person ignited numerous protests in the Denver area, particularly from the LGBT community.

Rest in Peace Jessie Hernandez, a Facebook group maintained by the deceased's loved ones, quickly responded to the news. "they just announced THERE WILL NOT be any charges filed on the cowards who MURDERD out BaBygirl Jessie Hernandez," the group's post reads. "We can't let this ride and er won't let it ride !!!! Its not over we are going to fight for justice . it was ruled a HOMICIDE Them officers should have MURDER CHARGES."

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