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What Year Is This? Cops Seize Bath Salts in Nova Scotia

Police have seen "a bit of a resurgence" in Pictou County.
April 24, 2016, 9:03pm

Photo via DEA

It's been a long while since most of us have contemplated the objectively not chill effects of bath salts.

While criminal elements in the rest of Canada have moved on to newer, more deadly substances like fentanyl or its 100-times-stronger cousin W-18, a couple in Pictou County was caught holding 2012's favourite drug/meme this weekend.

RCMP found the powdered psychosis following a Friday afternoon traffic stop in Linacy, Nova Scotia. The cops executed a search warrant, seizing weed, a restricted firearm and ammunition along with the bath salts. A 24-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman were arrested "without incident" and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

A few months ago police told CBC the designer stimulant science types call methylenedioxypyrovalerone is making "a bit of a resurgence" in the area. "We're receiving information that it's for sale on the streets again," RCMP Corporal David Lilly told CBC at the time. Those comments followed the arrest of a 34-year-old dude in nearby Stellarton, who had already faced charges related to bath salts twice in six months. Back in 2013, when confused hysteria over naked face eating was still fresh, Pictou County was the site of the largest bath salts bust in the country.

RCMP Constable Tammy Lobb told VICE the Pictou County bath salts resurgence is ongoing.

On the bright side, the rural county doesn't seem to have discovered krokodil, meow meow or flakka yet.

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