parying in MOTORPOOL with Boiler Room and DOMMUNE
Partying in Shibuya. Photo: Shawn Woody

Photos From the Last Days of an Iconic Shibuya Club

Many of the world’s top DJs performed at the Tokyo club contact, which closed down in September.

The neon-lit chaos of nighttime Shibuya has an underground club culture that words can’t describe. But in September, two of the Tokyo district’s most iconic clubs, VISION and contact, shuttered. 

VISION opened in 2011 and was one of the largest music spaces in Tokyo, seating up to 1,500 people, with four floors, six bar counters, and a gallery. The main floor, in particular, boasted one of the best sound systems in the world. Five years later, in 2016, its owners also opened contact in the same building, which featured many of the world's top DJs in dance music, techno, and hip-hop.


In sad anticipation of their closing down, and frustrated by relentless redevelopment in the area, queues formed in front of the clubs’ doors every night last month. These parties were even more fun than those that came before them, hosting events like the queer party MOTORPOOL.

MOTORPOOL was held in contact and included DJs UMFANG, DSKE, MAYUDEPTH, MARI SAKURAI, and CALPISS. It was also broadcast on Boiler Room and live-streamed through DOMMUNE.

Below, are photos that immortalized the event.


Maya x Eliana. Photo: Shawn Woody


Maya x Yuma Kardasian. Photo: Shawn Woody


Okini x Kaguya. Photo: Shawn Woody


MOTORPOOL. Photo: Shawn Woody


Pora x Shigemi Fullmoon. Photo: Shawn Woody


Shawn Woody. Photo: Shawn Woody


DSKE x Maxim. Photo: Shawn Woody


DSKE. Photo: Shawn Woody


Go go boys. Photo: Shawn Woody


Labianna Joroe. Photo: Shawn Woody


Bartender in contact. Photo: Shawn Woody


UMFANG. Photo: Shawn Woody


UMFANG. Photo: Shawn Woody

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