Tesla in FSD Narrowly Avoids Head-On Collision While Pulling Into Tesla Store

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A Tesla operating in Full Self-Driving Beta mode in Toronto veered onto the wrong side of the road and almost crashed into an oncoming car before the driver intervened to narrowly avoid a collision, as seen on a video posted on YouTube. It is far from the first instance of a video on YouTube showing FSD operating in a dangerous fashion, but it’s ironic that Tesla attempted such a move while trying to turn in to a Tesla service center.


“That was not good. That was very scary,” the driver says, audibly shaken by the near-collision. The car in the oncoming lane of traffic is heard blaring its horn at the Tesla.

The video begins leaving the Tesla service center at Lawrence Avenue in Toronto, as described by the driver on the video. The route circles the neighborhood before ending back at the service center, as can be seen just after the near-collision when the car makes the programmed left turn and the Tesla logo appears in the corner of the screen.

The video adds to a long list of FSD Beta testing videos that show the car doing dangerous things such as almost crashing into pillars, driving on the wrong side of the road, or turning into pedestrians, problems the software has had for well over a year despite Elon Musk’s public promises it would continuously improve.