The QAnon Queen Is Printing Her Own Currency Now

The self-proclaimed QAnon Queen of Canada Romana Didulo asked her followers to send cash so she could print her own “loyalty” money.
The so-called QAnon Queen of Canada Romana Didulo showing off her new currency. (Screenshot via Telegram)

Flanked by two of her closest followers, the QAnon Queen of Canada gave a gracious thank you to her followers who—with their hard-earned, real-world cash—funded her most recent venture: so-called “loyalty” money. 

"Thank you to those who sent money to help print your loyalty money,” the self-proclaimed queen Romana Didulo said in a Telegram live stream in late January, when she introduced the bills and proudly presented them to her followers. “Everyone, continue to send money so that we can continue to print."


The bills, which say 100,000 on them referring to an unknown currency, are white and feature her emblem in the middle flanked by two flags. Larger than normal cash, they have the look of a novelty check or board game money. Despite their cheap look, Didulo promised her fans they have interdimensional security devices on them. 

In chat rooms dedicated to Didulo, her fans celebrated the false hope given to them. One person said that he’s going to attempt to pay his utility bills with the money, and another said she’s excited because they’ve been living in their car and this could get a roof over their heads. 

“I am so hopeful that the loyalty money will allow me to purchase a prefab home or one of those tiny homes,” she wrote. “How wonderful that would be for me and many others like me around Canada.”

“I can’t wait to hear when or how I can use this loyalty money for this purpose.” 

Although the loyalty money can now only be used “at certain realtors,” (Didulo did not specify which ones because it’s likely none) the “queen” promised her followers that one day soon she would make all her followers extremely wealthy. 

“One day her royal majesty Queen Romana will issue a royal decree, giving instructions to when and where, and whom [sic] can cash their loyalty money with the instructions to the Kingdom of Canada Treasury to cash the checks,” she told them. 

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Self-proclaimed QAnon Queen of Canada Romana Didulo holding up one finger with a table of her newly printed currency in front of her. (Image via Telegram)

Now, Didulo is a bizarre figure even within the QAnon influencer world. After appearing on the scene in 2020, she successfully convinced her followers she’s the true Queen of Canada and is leading a secretive war against the pedophilic deep state. They also believe she’s a being who transcends dimensions and is in contact with an intergalactic federation of aliens. Those who follow Didulo often do her bidding to great personal detriment, too. Many have had their utilities cut off or gone into debt because the so-called “queen” once decreed that electricity was free in Canada and everyone could stop paying their bills.While Didulo’s followers are suffering from listening to her beliefs, a good portion of her time is spent trying to solicit money from those who watch her livestreams or comment in her private chat rooms on Telegram. 


For the past year, Didulo has been on a seemingly never-ending RV tour of Canada with some of her closest followers. In the last few months, as the Canadian winter set in, Didulo holed-up on a Nova Scotia property that one of her followers offered to her. Several people, who wholeheartedly believe in Didulo’s rhetoric, have given up their personal lives to live with her on this property and work for thequeen’s ventures, the latest of which is the loyalty money. 

“This is historic,” Didulo’s “press secretary,” said in the livestream when Didulo first displayed the money. “How exciting. We are so thrilled to be in the presence of her royal majesty during the unveiling." 

On the property in Nova Scotia, Didulo’s group recently recorded a bizarre stunt. On Feb. 26, several of Didulo’s followers came to the property to take an oath declaring “their sovereignty under natural law” in front of Didulo before they could receive their “loyalty money.”

"I [their nam]) hereby receive this 100,000 backed by gold and silver loyalty money of the Kingdom of Canada under natural law and so it is,” they all read.

They then watched Didulo sign the “money” before giving it to them. Among the 13 people who took the declaration, two were children brought there by their parents. At the end of the ritual, Didulo gave a short speech that she had just made these people sovereign citizens—a belief system that perpetuates exemption from the rules and laws of the country—and that they were now free of the traditional banking system. She showed a video of the animated version of Aladdin—showing the genie being set free—to symbolize how she was setting her followers free from the current economic system. 


At one point during the livestream, Didulo said that for several days leading up to this day, her “team had not had enough sleep” and she put them to work from “7 or 8 a.m. until three in the morning.” Former followers of Didulo previously told VICE they were forced to work long hours, often without food, causing some to lose significant amounts of weight. 

Didulo now says she’s going to sign 38 million checks herself before distributing them. 

In one of her videos outlining the venture, she referred to bills as similar to “Canadian Tire Money,” a loyalty program at the outdoor store Canadian Tire where people receive small bills after a purchase that they can use toward future purchases. The marketing stunt, first introduced in the 1950s, somehow ingrained itself into the Canadian identity. 

And while the queen’s followers tend not to question much of what their leader says, the idea of asking for money to print the “true money” did cause a few to turn their heads in confusion. 

“Donate money to print money?” one asked. “Something's not right here.”

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