Gronk: Baby Gronk’s Dad Has Gone ‘Too Far,’ Will Be Cease-and-Desisted

The former NFL tight end and Drip King says things have gone “too far” and that Baby Gronk’s dad had tried to contact him “500 times.”
Baby Gronk and Rob Gronkowski. Image Credits: BABY GRONK (@maddensanmiguel) on Instagram. Gronkowski via Getty Images. 

Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski said things have gone “too far” with Baby Gronk, the 10-year-old social media football sensation who rizzed up Livvy, and that he plans to send a cease-and-desist to Baby Gronk’s father, in an interview with Barstool Sports at Tight End University on Wednesday. 


“I see you guys are beefing right now with Baby Gronk,” Gronkowski told the interviewers. “Four weeks ago my brother told me, ‘Did you see Baby Gronk yet?’ Did I see him? I go, ‘His dad fucking hit me up like 500 times already.’ He goes, ‘Don’t do anything.’ The dad is so annoying. And then all of a sudden two weeks later it’s coming out everywhere, and me and my brother are dying laughing.” 

Baby Gronk, otherwise known as Madden San Miguel, is an elementary-school football player from Texas with impressive statistics for his age. In his first two years of tackle football, he achieved 7,000 rushing yards, 4,500 receiving yards, and scored 300 touchdowns, according to an Instagram post on his page shared by Barstool Sports. H00pify, a popular TikTok account which frequently covers Baby Gronk news developments, attributes him with 300 yards and five touchdowns per game. 

Baby Gronk has even met with Louisiana State University gymnast Livvy Dunne, a successful athlete and social media personality herself, who convinced him to commit to the university. “On his visit to LSU, Livvy rizzed him up,” h00pify states. “Livvy even hugged Baby Gronk. He might be the new rizz king.” There was also much discussion about whether Baby Gronk was the new drip king, a hotly-contested title.


Gronkowski, however, says that Baby Gronk’s social media personality has gone too far. 

“It’s to the point where it’s awkward,” he told Barstool Sports. “We are ceasing-and-desisting Baby Gronk’s dad.” 

Baby Gronk’s dad, Jake San Miguel, fiercely controls his son’s social media personality. One video shows San Miguel directly telling his son how to answer questions on a podcast interview. When asked if he was truly Gronkowski, Baby Gronk initially responds, “Yes.” 

“Ask that again, bro,” his dad interrupts. He continues to his son, “Say, ‘Man, what kind of question is that? You see my Instagram.’ Say that. Ready?”

During the interview with Barstool Sports, one interviewer told Gronkowski that he was the “only one” who could put a stop to the Baby Gronk situation. 

“Yeah, we’re going to have to,” Gronkowski responded.