The Winklevoss Twins Really Want You to Know They’re in a Band

In the history of famous people leveraging their fame and/or money to become rockstars, Mars Junction is still several rungs below 30 Seconds to Mars.
The Winklevoss Twins Really Want You to Know They're In a Band
Image: Twitter/@marsjunction

The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, are in a band. Maybe you didn't know this, and nobody would blame you, because they're best known for being portrayed in David Fincher's The Social Network and for boosting cryptocurrency via their company Gemini. But now, that's all being pushed to the side for now to make room for their new passion: Mars Junction, their band, which is on tour. 


Tyler is on lead vocals and Cameron plays guitar, which seems a bit like an Oasis situation in the making. Who is Liam and who is Noel? I will leave such speculations to the reader. What is clear is that this is Their Whole Thing now, bizarrely transforming them from chiselled captains of crypto into… two dudes in a band trying to drum up some support. 

Cameron, whose Twitter bio simply said "#bitcoin" until recently, now reads: "Co-founder of the hard-hitting rock band @marsjunction. Come see me and @tyler rock out this summer! Tour dates and tickets in linktree url below." Tyler's bio is similar, saying, "Lead vocals for @marsjunction, a hard-hitting rock band I started w/ @cameron," along with links to tickets and dates.

The band's first gig on the summer tour was on Thursday night at Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey. "Come rock with us," Cameron pleaded on Twitter before the show. 

Mars Junction appears to simply be a cover band, playing covers of Rage Against the Machine, The Police, and Sublime in videos shared on social media. If I can put on my critic hat for a moment, I'd say the instrumentation is alright but Tyler's vocals sound like a guy who's up for the third time in the night doing live band karaoke at best, and at worst, well, here's a video of Mars Junction attempting some harmonies.

While the band made its debut last year, they are really making a go of it now. They have merch for sale—gotta support indie artists—and are also giving out NFTs to concert-goers. In the long and ignominious history of people famous for non-musical reasons leveraging their fame and/or money to live out the rockstar dream, Mars Junction is still several rungs below 30 Seconds to Mars.