Space Junk, Taiwan, and War at a Nuclear Power Plant

A mysterious orb has landed in Mexico, Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, don’t fight a war at a nuclear power plant, and other strange stories from this week.
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A lot of stuff happened on the internet this week. Strange orbs fell from the sky and landed in Mexico. Thousands watched online as Nancy Pelosi’s plane slowly made its way to Taiwan. And the International Atomic Energy Agency called out Russia for making Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant a front in its war in Ukraine.

It’s a grab bag episode of Cyber and we’re gonna get into it all with Motherboard editor-in-chief Jason Koebler.


Stories discussed in this episode:

Fighting Around Europe’s Largest Power Plant Is ‘Out of Control,’ UN’s Nuke Chief Warns

How Online Flight Trackers Have Helped People Follow Nancy Pelosi, Taylor Swift, and Russian Oligarchs’ Private Flights

Space Junk Crashing All Over the World, Upsetting Everyone

Mysterious Metallic Orb Falls on Mexico, May Contain ‘Valuable Information,’ Meteorologist Says

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