Rat Boy’s “Laidback” Video Looks Like How Summer Nights Should Feel

The blissful, self-directed new clip comes ahead of Rat Boy's upcoming debut album, 'SCUM.'
June 28, 2017, 9:09am

Sometimes, falling in love can be stressful. It can prang you out and make you check your WhatsApp messages one too many times and do weird things to your self-esteem. Other times, it can come into your life with such ease it's like smoking a blunt and not realising you're baked until you find yourself giggling at the weird shape of your shoes.

Rat Boy's track "Laidback", which was released last week and which includes a guitar feature from Graham Coxon, is about this second kind of love which – even when it doesn't go to plan – just feels easy. Today we're premiering his self-directed video for the track and it's just as dreamy as the name suggests. Set under a banner of evening sky and the kind of warm nights where you sprawl out beside a bonfire drinking cider, "Laidback" looks exactly how summer nights should feel. You can watch the video above.

If you want to pre-order Rat Boy's upcoming album SCUM, or a bunch of his merch, all of which is out 11 August, click here then immediately read our First Date interview with him here.

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