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An Angry Man Terrorized His City Manager with a Cup Full of Bed Bugs

He was allegedly pissed that the city staff wasn't helping with his pest problem, so he made it their problem, too.
June 5, 2017, 3:00pm
Photo via Twitter user Ted Homer

The city hall building in Augusta, Maine, had to be fully evacuated on Friday after an angry town resident unleashed a plague of living, crawling bed bugs in the building, the Kennebec Journal reports.

Augusta's city manager, William Bridgeo, told the Journal that the man was at the general assistance desk in city hall to ask for some apartment help—most likely for his bed bug problem. When the city staff denied his request, he made it their problem, too.


The guy allegedly whipped out a cup full of bed bugs that he had apparently been carrying around, slammed the container on the counter, and sicced around 100 of his blood-sucking minions on the unsuspecting local government employees.

City hall went into full crisis mode, since bed bugs are an unending scourge that can haunt you both physically and mentally, and the building was evacuated. Bridgeo said that the entire city center was shut down for the rest of the day Friday for pest control. They also brought in bed bug-sniffing dogs to make sure the place was clean.

The angry bug man has yet to be named, though Bridgeo said police tracked him down and will likely pursue charges. It's still unclear how exactly the guy was able to gather up an entire cup full of the little pests, but his infestation must be pretty bad if he could just scoop a cup full and take them to-go.

Somewhere in Hollywood, a hungry film exec is probably already optioning this story for a bug-centric Willard reboot.