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We climbed to the top of Moscow's tallest buildings with a Russian roofer

Roofers are in a dangerous race to capture the craziest images in the world.

This segment originally aired Oct. 21, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

Russian “roofers” climb to dizzying heights to capture the perfect selfie, becoming internet celebrities along the way. But roofing isn’t just about danger and adrenaline, Kirill Vselensky told VICE News correspondent Gianna Toboni. “It’s a way to have adventure without leaving the city.”

Some of Vselensky’s more than 50,000 Instagram followers now pay him for tours, and corporate sponsors are starting to fund even wilder stunts. “It’s my main source of income,” he said.

When he’s traveling, Vselensky roofs to learn about a new city from an aerial perspective. “I was in Istanbul where we climbed the Blue Mosque, and in Cairo I climbed the Egyptian pyramids,” he added.