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French Islamic State Militants Film Burning Passports and Call for Muslims to Attack Europe

The blue-eyed, bearded Frenchman identified in the video as Abu Osama al-Faranci was among fighters calling for French Muslims to join the Islamic State.
Screenshot via Al Hayat

"What are you waiting for?" a blue-eyed Islamic State recruit demands in French, with a machine gun strapped across his chest. He's asking Muslims in France why they are waiting to join the jihad, and the question is also posed as the title of a new video released today by the group's media arm, Al Hayat, which features at least three French recruits.

The fair-skinned French militant, identified in the video as Abu Osama al-Faranci, sits next to fellow fighters in balaclavas and fatigues as he speaks. Seconds earlier, Faranci had joined the men in burning his French passport on a bonfire in a forest at an unknown location.


"This is a message from your French brothers who have made Hijra [migrated], to the Muslims who are still living in the land of Kufr [infidels]. What are you waiting for? Why do you not perform Hijra?" Faranci asks. "Because a day may come when the borders will be closed and you will be left only with tears and regret."

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Later in the more than seven minute-long video, a second Frenchman identified as Abu Maryam al-Faranci addresses "all the enemies of Islam and in particular, France."

"The mujahideen around the world will not hesitate, whenever there is a possibility, to cut your heads," he says. "As long as you keep bombing you will not find peace. You will even fear traveling to the market."

A third French fighter then calls upon Muslim countrymen to "operate within France." "Terrorize them and do not allow them to sleep due to fear and horror," the fighter identified as Abu Salman says.

None of the men are believed to have appeared in the recent execution video of US hostage, Peter Kassig, which featured at least two other unmasked French citizens.

One of the executioners seen in the Kassig video, who was involved in the gruesome beheading of one of several Syrian soldiers, was identified Monday by French authorities as 22-year-old Maxime Hauchard, a Muslim convert from northern France.

A second French executioner in the video was later identified as Michaël Dos Santos, also 22, from Paris, French prosecutors said Wednesday.

French and American officials are among those who have condemned the Kassig video, which US President Barack Obama labelled as an "act of pure evil."

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