What TV Show You Should Watch, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

While the correlation between zodiac signs and television shows is not an exact science, I guarantee you’ll wind up with something worth your time.
Art by Leila Ettachfini.

Television is great, isn’t it? At least, I think so—I watch…a lot of it. But perhaps you are not like me. Perhaps you have a life, so when it’s finally time to settle in and delve into a few episodes of something good, you’re not quite sure where to start.

Try letting your zodiac sign pick for you! I’ve used my knowledge of each signs’ most well-known traits to create the ultimate list of what you should be watching, according to your sign. While the correlation between zodiac signs and television shows is not an exact science, I guarantee you’ll wind up with something worth your time. Some of these shows premiered over the summer, while others return this fall, but as an active and borderline obsessive TV consumer, I can vouch for each and every one.


Aries: The Bold Type

Imagine all of the glamor of The Devil Wears Prada mixed with the quintessential New York–ness of Sex in the City. Now, subtract the villainous boss of the former and the lack of diversity in the latter, and I give you The Bold Type. The show follows three best friends, Kat, Sutton, and Jane, who work at a New York City–based global women’s magazine. Like you, Aries, all three are ambitious, daring, and have no problem blazing a trail when they don’t see one in front of them. Their personal lives, however, are far less polished, and their relationships often blur the lines of personal and professional. As an Aries, you are extremely passionate about all of your relationships, and similar to the The Bold Type’s trio, may have some trouble knowing where to prioritize your energy.

Taurus: Queen Sugar

As steady as a bull, a Taurus is practical, strong-willed, and full of force. Hence, why you’ll love this Ava DuVernay–helmed drama. The show follows three siblings claiming a shared inheritance from their father after his sudden passing. The inheritance in question? A sugarcane farm in New Orleans, Louisiana that has not yielded a profit in quite some time. The siblings work towards preserving the farm and their father’s legacy while navigating each of their own complicated personal relationships, professional missteps, and moral values. An earthy Taurus will enjoy the serene and sweeping landscapes that take up much of the frames in Queen Sugar and revel in the hardworking and determined spirit of every single character.


Gemini: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine does what every great workplace comedy is supposed to: hardly focus on the work. Instead, it follows a motley crew of detectives in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct as they try to solve crimes in the most ridiculous of manners (think “forcing suspects on lineup to sing a Britney Spears song”–level ridiculous) and not kill each other in the process. As a Gemini, you are extremely expressive and always down for a great laugh. You’ll love the dynamic mix of energetic and hysterical characters, like Andy Samberg’s carefree Jake Peralta and Terry Crews’ sensitive Terry Jeffords. While the humor on the show may not be as quick-witted or highbrow as you are used to, you’ll be refreshed in getting into a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine that wears its humor on its sleeve.

Cancer: Dear White People

Naming a show Dear White People may seem overt at first, but as a Cancer you know how important it is not to judge based on your initial responses. The show follows a group of vocal Black students who attend a private and majorly white Ivy League college awash in dirty little secrets. As a Cancer, you tend to be blunt and hate small talk, so you’ll absolutely love the show’s frank ways of discussing race, relationships, and the importance of standing up for what you believe in. You’re deeply intuitive and can be hard to get to know, but like Netflix’s hit comedy, your humor, intelligence, and honesty cannot be denied. Additionally, the cinematography in Dear White People is a visual masterpiece, and creative Cancers will instantly take note of the extreme camera angles and stylized, elongated scenes that hark back to film giants like Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock.


Leo: Pose

The category is: Live! Work! Leo! FX’s revolutionary new show Pose will surely placate the diva brewing inside of every Leo. As a fan of music, dance, drama, and romance, this is the show for you. Pose is set in New York City’s 1980s underground ballroom scene and much like this fire sign, is bursting with confidence, warmth, and courageousness. Leos will quickly align themselves with the show’s protagonist, Blanca Evangelista, a trans woman who discovers that she is HIV+, but remains dedicated to starting her own house for the children who need one most. Like you, Leo, Blanca is a natural-born leader with an unrelenting desire to leave her mark on this world.

Virgo: The Blacklist

Dearest Virgo, you are analytical, organized, and the biggest perfectionist that any of us knows. It’s rare that your mind ever shuts down, which is why it would be ideal to dig your heels into several episodes of NBC’s The Blacklist. The show begins with Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former U.S. Navy officer gone bad, then gone good again. He turns himself in in exchange for immunity and the ability to work with Elizabeth, a new FBI profiler. The show follows the two as they examine their relationship to each other and take down Red’s expertly crafted list of the FBI’s Most Wanted. Virgos love to learn new things, so you’ll be really into the procedural nature of the show—delving into a fast-paced crime thriller will be an opportunity to put your storied analytical chops to the test.


Libra: For the People

While most crime shows stop once the killer is caught, Libras always want to know what happens next. You tend to be very righteous and yearn to make sure that justice is served all the way through, whether that is in or out of the courtroom. Enter ABC’s For the People. The Shonda Rhimes–produced pilot introduces us to a new recruit of public defenders at the Southern District of New York Federal Court. Not only will you revel in the main characters’ pursuits of the city’s most high-profile cases, but marvel as they try to balance their intersecting personal lives in the process. As a Libra, you’ll love watching them try to “keep the peace” in every aspect of their lives.

Scorpio: Killing Eve

It would be hard to find a show on TV that is sexier, bolder, and more suited for a Scorpio than BBC America’s Killing Eve. Your taste for seduction, passion, and strong independent characters will be satiated by the hit drama, which stars Sandra Oh as a MI5 security officer with a personal vengeance for/obsession with Villanelle, a psychopathic serial killer. The two women go head to head, leaving behind several casualties as they get sucked deeper into a zany, dark, and twisted game of cat and mouse. If you don’t believe me, ask the Emmys! Oh recently received a nomination for her performance, making her the first Asian-American to ever receive a nod in the lead actress category. As a Scorpio, you are always down to be the ultimate champion of whatever it is you’re doing—much like Oh in her historic role.


Sagittarius: Atlanta

Creative? Check. Honest? Check. Open-hearted, genre-bending, and way off the beaten path? Check, check, and check. FX’s Atlanta is gearing up for its third season and its unique storylines continue to expand and evolve. The show, conceived by and starring Donald Glover, follows the forever-down-on-his-luck Earn as he tries to come up in the Atlanta hip hop scene alongside his viral sensation of a cousin, Alfred, aka Paper Boi. While some of the same characters are present throughout the entire series, each episode feels like its own entity, often switching genres, narrative voices, and cinematic styles. Sagittariuses tend to be optimistic underdogs, and are likely to bond with Earn as he pursues his dreams against all odds—and trust me, throughout the seasons, there are A TON of odds to beat.

Capricorn: Star Trek Discovery

Grounded, practical, and born to lead, Capricorns should enjoy every heart-racing second of CBS All Access’ Star Trek Discovery. The show is set a decade before Star Trek: The Original Series is known to have taken place. It follows scientist Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa-Martin Green, and her crew on the USS Discovery. Whether you are a full-fledged Trekkie or just beginning to venture boldly where no man has gone before, you are all about hard work and ambition, so you will love the show’s lineup of intelligent, determined female characters. To further sweeten the deal: It was recently announced that Sir Patrick Stewart will be reprising his iconic role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a brand new as-yet-to-be-titled Star Trek series on CBS All Access. As a Capricorn, you love to be thorough, so be sure to catch up on Discovery first!


Aquarius: Insecure

Aquarius is the sign of friendship, so what better show for you than the Issa Rae—formulated comedy Insecure? Back for its third season on HBO, the show follows Issa and her crew of friends as they navigate life, relationships, careers, and bad decisions in a rapidly gentrifying southern Los Angeles. At times—usually at work—Issa is demure, reserved, and awkward. In other moments, she is bold, fierce, and encourages herself by rapping to her bathroom mirror. As an Aquarius, you have a high level of social intelligence and know how to maneuver in every situation—if necessary, you can put on a different face. You’ll adore and relate to the relationship between Issa and her wickedly funny alter ego.

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Pisces: Queer Eye

Any Pisces that has not caught on to the Queer Eye craze should start now. The Fab Five, a perfectly casted crew of life-revitalizers, go into different communities and provide a deserving soul with the makeover of his/her/their dreams. At times, the five men, who are gay, are met with invasive curiosity about living as openly gay people, but this never stops them from doing what they do best. Acceptance is one of a Pisces’ main strengths, so you will strongly identify with the Fab Five’s mission to encourage others to accept exactly who they are. Don’t let the easygoing nature of the show (or a Pisces, for that matter) fool you: When the men need to assert themselves or step up to the plate, they do. While the goal is to always keep the peace, a Pisces is not afraid to put on his/her/their brave face and get the job done.