Take a Psychedelic Getaway into the Marías' New Video, You Need It

Watch the dreamy "Cariño" video ahead of the LA psych-lounge quintet's 'Superclean Vol. II' EP, due out in September.
August 17, 2018, 2:00pm

The Marías are one of those bands that just has it, you know? The five-piece arrived seemingly fully formed on the LA scene last year with retro-sharp style and a velvet sound that feels like the lovechild of The Internet and The Cardigans.

Today Noisey is pleased to premiere the video for their track “Cariño”—Spanish for “sweetie,” or “honey”—off of their forthcoming second EP, Superclean Volume II. The new record, out in September, follows up last year’s damn-near-perfect debut, Superclean Volume I, and if “Cariño” is any indication, you can expect a lot more of that from its follow up.

“Cariño” is a little slice of summer halcyon days, a swooney, bilingual come-hither from the group’s eponymous singer poured over guitar strums and brass sighs. Its video is accordingly dreamy and delightful, a playful LA take on French New Wave featuring an ingenue María on a Vespa while the rest of the band plays in a field with some very good dogs.

"We made the video with very little planning as we had just arrived from a six-week tour, so we pretty much winged it,” María tells Noisey. “The only thing we knew for sure going into the shoot was that we wanted to show more of our true personalities. The guys are hilarious and such a trip to be around, and we didn't have a video that truly showed that. I also wanted to pay tribute to the French New Wave cinema of the 60s and to the dress that my dad brought back from Spain. What you won't see in the video is a polished, choreographed dance routine or solid acting. But what you will see is us just being us."

It’s a glimpse into their lush world that we can’t wait to get to know more. Watch the premiere of The Marías’ “Cariño” video above.

Andrea Domanick is Noisey's West Coast editor. Follow her on Twitter.