Scorpio, July 2017


This story is over 5 years old.


Scorpio, July 2017

What's a Scorpio without drama?

July opens with the Sun in fellow Water sign Cancer, inspiring you to travel to faraway places, learn new things, and expand your mind. You've always been a deep thinker, Scorpio, but you're in an even more philosophical mood now, and you're feeling called to examine your faith and learn about different beliefs. Sounds inspiring, right? Totally, but of course, your life is nothing without drama, little scorpion!


People are in ultra aggressive moods, and your stinger will be out. Arguments are likely, as are disagreements over what's right and wrong. Keep your phone off if you want to avoid a fight—but expect plenty of pissed-off texts when you turn it back on. Don't plan an important conversation on July 2, please!

The Sun will also oppose Pluto on July 10, so watch for massive egos and manipulators. People will say anything to get their way, and they'll throw temper tantrums if they can't get what they want.

One of your favorite ways to blow off steam, Scorpio, is having sex (with yourself, a partner, or with a party). This makes sense: Your zodiac sign rules the genitals. (Each zodiac sign rules a body part.) Your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, also have a thing for sex. Mars is passionate and loves "the chase," and Pluto is all about regeneration. As aggressive as the energy will be early this month, some serious sparks may fly, too.

Love-and-beauty planet Venus enters Air sign Gemini on July 4, bringing blessings to your sex life. This is a wonderful time to explore your intimate relationships, with others and with yourself. Treat yourself to some sexy lingerie—Gemini is an Air sign, and while you're all about black leather and silver studs, experiment with something light and airy.

Venus in Gemini could also bring news about shared resources, or finances, especially more complex money issues like debts, taxes, or inheritances. On a more mundane level, this is a lovely time to return a book you borrowed from a friend, or ask a pal to return a favor for you.


Messenger planet Mercury enters Fire sign Leo on July 5, bringing news about your career or your life in the public eye. Exciting! Any projects you have concerning writing or communication will draw attention. This is a great time for professional networking, too. No sign loves the limelight more than glamorous Leo, the superstar of the zodiac—except maybe you, so this will be a busy period for you. Step into your spotlight!

Your planetary ruler, Mars, clashes with Uranus, in Aries, on July 17, bringing shake-ups to your schedule. You're not in the mood to follow the rules—if you're stuck in a boring routine, you will play hooky.

You're itching to take risks; however, it's super important that you watch for accidents. Mars can be reckless when it clashes with chaotic Uranus. The energy can be brilliant and innovative, yet explosive, so wear your protective gear.

Mars enters Leo July 20, followed by the Sun on July 22, kicking off Leo season! Again, Leo loves the limelight, so Leo season, dear scorpion, is all about success. Check in with yourself about your professional goals; chase your dreams.

July 26, when the Sun and Mars meet in Leo, is a day to circle in your calendar. Get excited about your career or reputation. My only suggestions: Go slow, and keep your ego in check.

Again, each sign rules a body part, and Leo's is the heart. What is your heart telling you to reach for? Use the energy of this new moon to follow your heart's desire.

Communication planet Mercury enters Virgo July 25, boosting the energy in your social life. This is a wonderful time to reconnect with friends you've been too busy to see. Join some groups or clubs you've been interested in.

Love planet Venus enters fellow Water sign Cancer on July 31, putting you in the mood to take a trip, leaving your usual life behind. You're feeling drawn to people who share your intellectual interests; they might enjoy coming with you to the lectures and museums you love to attend.

For most of July, you've been wanting to spend time with your partners under the covers, but now you'll be excited to see them sitting next to you on a plane, looking at travel guides.

But Venus isn't just about love. It's also the planet of beauty and value. Expect your relationship to these themes to deepen—while Venus spends time in Cancer—as you learn more about the world around you. See you in August, Scorpio!